Friday, May 13, 2011

Think Again – Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing May 21-31, 2012.

Organised by Vision Forum.

Think Again is a transdisciplinary research project that brings together artists, curators, academics and inventors from Europe and China to reflect on the nature of creativity and how it can be encouraged. The project is a collaboration between Linköpings Universitet and various universities in and around Shanghai. It will be show publicly at The Mingshen Museum and Rockbund Museum, FCAC and other venues in May 2012. At this point, a series of private sessions will also take place.

Field of Research
The philosopher looks where to begin in philosophy by asking what being is, what thinking is, what knowledge is. In other words, he starts his work by eliminating all presuppositions. The artist looks all the presuppositions and looks for new ways of experiencing the world that surrounds us, while the scientists tries to measure the world by doing away with subjectivity and shortcomings of human perception.

What unites the philosopher, the artist and the scientist, is thought. Thinking is the foundation of all creativity – how can we develop existing ways of thinking and foster new patterns of thought? How can education, research and art be part of this process? Is true creativity in its nature conflictual and does it have to oppose to social convention?

During 10 days in May 2012 a group of European and Chinese creators will meet for individual and shared research to investigate how thinking, knowledge and creativity is perceived and defined in different genres and different cultures. Some of the sessions will be held privately and others will be held publicly.

Specially conceived artwork will be shown at Mingshen Museum and FCAC. More performative presentations will tale place at Rockbund Museum and talks and discussions will take place at other venues: The Art Academy in Hangzhou, Shanghai Univeristy, Nanjing University, FCAC and 2666 Library.


All sessions will start with a screening of a video by Li Xiaofei shot in different factories in China and Sweden.

21 May – Arrival, press conference and official opening of Think Again in Shanghai in collaboration with the Swedish Consulate in Shanghai.

22 May – Olav Westphalen starts his performance/production at Mingshen Museum. Private sessions at Fei Art Center.

23 May – Private view and opening of Natasha Rosling’s exhibition at Fei Art Center. Private sessions at Fei Art Center.

24 May – Trip to Nanjing and public discussion at the Nordic culture centre at the Nanjing University.

25 May – Trip to Hangzhou and public discussion at the art academy of Hangzhou.

26 May - Per Hüttner works with architectural students at Rockbund Art Museum. Per Hüttner hosts public talk/performance at Rockbund Museum.

27 May – Opening/finissage of Olav Westphalen’s exhibition at Mingshen Museum and public talk/discussion. Wooloo hosts public talk/performance at Rockbund Museum.

28 May - Olafur Jonsson talks about Gaia Power plants at the 2666 Library in Shanghai. Private sessions at Fei Art Center.

29 May – Vincent Honoré, Qu Tan and Per Hüttner talk about the future of art education at the Art Academy in Shanghai.

30 May - Chen Wei tea session at 2666 Library in Shanghai. Private sessions at Fei Art Center.

31 May – Yang ZhiFei talks about her work. Private sessions at Fei Art Center. Closing ceremony.