Thursday, September 8, 2011

Anders P on Neither You Nor Me

Neither You Nor Me is a cross-over platform, using the theatre practice as venue for meetings between artists from different fields, where everyone participates with their specific knowledge and expertise in a journey through the narratives Antigone and Parzival. The first story presents a number of dialectic positions – man/woman, king/citizen, law/religion – whereas the second is an invitation to follow a movement from singularity to subjectivity. The project is a co-operation between renowned director Anders Paulin, actor Anders Mossling and internationally acclaimed artists Per Huttner and Joachim Hamou.

The project starts as a tour through several venues in Stockholm and then proceeds at the international multi-disciplinary event Think Again in Xiamen, China. After processing these experiences the project will be presented in Copenhagen, Oslo and again in Stockholm, bringing back new knowledge and perspectives to a Nordic context.

The theatre, with its performative practice and social context, is becoming increasingly attractive to artists from other fields. When we tell a story a collective context is created. The potential of this space, where a multitude of subjects share the same focus, but produce difference by continuous addition of perspectives and interpretations, is a quality we ́d like to examine. A parallel aim is to create alternatives to the traditional theatre toolbox of expression, understanding and identification. We think of the story as an interface, the membrane that both separates and connects the individuals reading/interpretating it. Storytelling as a collective act of translation, where the stage functions as medium for a third, translational language to appear.