Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Outline for chair competition in Xiamen

A group of artists, scientists and theatre practitioners will meet in Xiamen in spring/summer 2012, to reflect upon how new thinking takes shape and how we together can develop a more visionary ways to relate to reality. The project is entitled ‘Think Again’ and the organisers invite You to come up with a design for a chair that inspires new thinking. The winner will have his/her chair produced in 60 copies at the expense of the organisers. These will be used during the seminar, but will be at your disposal at the end of the exhibition.

‘Think Again’ aims to inspire new ways of thinking by dialoguing across cultures, disciplines and genres through the realization of an exhibition and a weeklong workshop in Xiamen China. The project brings together European and Chinese creators and scientists from a wide array of fields to reflect on how creating can ensure a richer and more rewarding future for humankind.

Gaia Power Plant images

Gaia Power Plants: Olafur Jonsson has developed a technology that promises to alleviate the shortage of fresh water and electric energy on the planet in one go. When this invention will be commercially usable, the map of our shrinking globe will be redrawn and the deserts can bloom again. But in order for this to happen, many technical problems need to be solved and the project taps into the knowledge at the universities in Xiamen, Linköping, Karolinska Institutet and Visualiseringscenter C to resolve them and to promote the project.

3d images of the interior of the structure