Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Updated project description

Think Again is a series of private and public investigations and presentations and workshops in China that will take place in various public and private institutions in May 2012. The project investigates how dialogues across national, cultural and disciplinary borders can inspire and force each peer group to define their activities by mirroring them in a dialogue with others. The project offers opportunities for artists and curators to meet with professionals in other genres and disciplines from Europe and China.

Think Again asks such questions as:
- What is the relationship between repetition and creation?
- Does the new and unknown always appear to be absurd and or threatening?
- Have today’s norms once posed threats older norms?
The platform is set up to reflect on how the relationship between the individual and larger groups (from peer groups to entire countries or cultures) is negotiated and renegotiated and how that informs change. The goal of the project is to find how a group dynamic can support creativity, progress and new forms of thinking. Think Again aims to start dialogues so that each participant and the audience will return to their respective practice with a changed outlook on their work.